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Thread: Redundant Thoughts 2013 Week 3 Bears

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    Quote Originally Posted by papillon View Post
    This is classic comedy at its best and would be a lot funnier, except for the fact that its true.

    Thank you Redundantman for making this otherwise train wreck of a season enjoyable. I will be looking forward to 13 more of these posts. If I don't get them, I will hunt you down, watch “The Land Before Time VI: The Secret of Saurus Rock” with you and your daughter and then take you out for beer, wine, alcohol or whatever beverage you prefer.

    I know I sound like an old fool/foggie but I can't understand how those guys are not more embarassed. Its not like being a football player is easy.

    Land Before Time or the Wiggles .. I know most of the dance moves ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oviedo View Post
    Excellent as always. Thank you.
    The Steelers inspire me ... in the worst way this year, but they still inspire me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steelhere10 View Post
    Nice again.
    Where ELSE can we all go for insouciant, zen football commentary? I have the market cornered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fordfixer View Post
    Thanks .......
    Just trying desperately to remember the important things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghost View Post
    With the way this season is playing out you need to work in at least one pic of a super hot chick or rename this thread Redundant Thoughts (game planned by Haley)
    Ah, I knew I was forgetting something! This is an entirely reasonable request.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flippy View Post
    In fairness, maybe he liked the dude that looks like Miley
    Yeah, he does look pretty good doesn't he?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shawn View Post
    Not that there is anything wrong with that.
    No, no, of course not! People's personal sexual preferences are nobody's business but their own!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DukieBoy View Post
    Appreciate the redundant thoughts ...

    Not appreciating the redundant feelings so far this season.
    I know what you're saying ... Make me watch the games ... surprise me one way or the other ... stop being so consistent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SanAntonioSteelerFan View Post
    Thank you for the weekly laugh, Redundant Man!

    You're only on the 3rd game though, you better pace your irony or you may be beyond the edges of the known universe by the end of the season!
    Everything in moderation, even sarcasm and irony?! I am not sure I can help myself ... snarky condescension comes so easy ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by redundantman View Post
    4. First time watching a Sunday Night Football game online
    My first time watching SNF in Heinz Field... woot! Surprise B-day (weekend outing) from the wifey... I must be doing something right.... if only the team would have successfully completed the comeback...


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