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Thread: Ravens fans proud heritage unveiled

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    Ravens fans proud heritage unveiled

    Jacoby Jones injured in bus brawl with stripper

    Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones was hurt early this morning after a brawl erupted on a party bus filled with his Ravens teammates according to

    It happened after a night of partying in Washington D.C. celebrating Bryant McKinnie's birthday.

    Sources at the scene say at about 3 AM, as people were leaving Opera Ultra Lounge, people on the bus began fighting. In addition to teammates, at least one stripper was on board.

    An eyewitness said he saw a bottle being swung at Jacoby Jones -- it connected with his head and hurt him. Reportedly an ambulance was called "for a bleeding male" but he was not taken to the hospital.

    Sources say a stripper named Sweet Pea is the one who hit Jacoby with a gigantic Ace of Spades bottle and this may have triggered the brawl. We're told the bottle smashed over his head and he was "bleeding everywhere."

    We're told Jacoby's friends tried to retaliate against Sweet Pea but Bryant McKinnie tried to stop him, and a fight broke out between the friend and Bryant.

    Police responded to the scene but no arrests were made. There was evidence of an assault but no one cooperated with cops


    Wasn't the booze cruise with strippers up in Minnesota on Bryant McKinney's birthday too?

    That guy likes to party.


    This is some funny stuff. It's made a bad day just a tad better. Those are some ugly ass beeyatches!!
    I think the woman on the right is a man.
    Not sure if that is an ugly stripper in the McKinnie jersey or Bryant himself.

    The "Sweet Pea" on the bus, well let's see who she is....


    She's not a 38 waste, she's a complete waste. 5'7", 163 lbs. should NOT be a stripper, she should be a guy.
    Jacoby is lucky to be alive if that thing hit him with a giant bottle of Champagne.

    Sweet Pea should be signed to our practice squad.
    LMFAO we would never loose another game..She could be the whole line... err, the ho line. don't you feel better about your team ??
    ROOKIE ??

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    Yup. Bryant McKinney, the captain of the Love Boat up in MN. That some low-budget stuff going on there.


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