Greetings all,

I am an Englishman, trying valiantly to learn and appreciate football, as you guys call it

My primary sport is soccer; my team is Southampton FC (the 'Saints') so I would like to get a general feeling for how die-hard football fans view the NFL's drive to promote the sport overseas, particularly in London.

Do you guys approve of the idea to hold a game from the regular season overseas? Or not?

If the English Premier League decided to hold a Saints game in Pittsburgh I got to tell you, I would be in two minds. Sure, there is the revenue aspect, but then there is just the huge cringe factor of seeing so-called 'fans' supporting a team from a city - indeed a country - that they have no connection to whatsoever.

For what it is worth, I will be cheering on the Steelers when you play the Vikings in London in a few days. If for no other reason that I have actually been to Pittsburgh but I couldn't even find Minnesota on a map!

Be interested to hear your thoughts on these international games.

cheers fellas,