..would say these things about their QB. A man who has led their favorite team to two Super Bowl wins. Only Steeler fans ( not all but many), would say these horrible things about Ben and totally ignore or not understand the fact that he plays behind the worst O-line in football, has no running game, doesnt have any elite play makers, and has an offensive coordinator who never ever took one snap in all his life playing the game of football.

I really dont understand Steeler fans anymore. It looks as if Ben will be this years Mike Wallace to many Steeler fans. How sad.

I for one remember the days of Mark Malone (50.9% career passer), Bubby Brister (54.6% career passer), Neil O'Donnell (57.8% career passer), Mike Tomczak (53.9% career passer), Kent Graham (50.8% career passer), Kordell Stewart (55.8% career passer), and Tommy Maddox (57.2% career passer).

I suspect in 10-20 years there will be many who look back and say Ben was a lot better than what they had given him credit for.