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Some personalities are easy targets. Crash's is one of them. He is opinionated and comes off as a know it all. He doesn't always respond positively to social cues. Doesn't mean he doesn't bring legit conversation to the table.
I don't think anyone cares about him being abrasive or lacking social skills. He is what he is and we've all got our own issues. So be it. I suspect what drive people nuts is when he brings up the same point and pollutes every single thread with that point over and over and over. It's like he becomes a bit of a c@ck block to a lot of good discussions. And every thread he's involved in ends up digressing to the same thing. And at that point a good topic often goes bad. And a lot of folks don't want to read this garbage. So it pushes away a lot of potential good posters. And I think that's the real trade off that the admins have to decide - Keeping Crash vs Keeping a Larger Number of Quality Posters Engaged in discussion.

Personally, I wouldn't ban him. He clearly loves this board, evidenced by the 5000 user names he's created this month. And it might be one of the only things in his life that brings him joy. What if he went off the rails without this board? I say let him have his fun and encourage him to be better. Crash has every opportunity to be a little better today than he was yesterday. We all have choices to make. Blessed are those that make the heroic ones.

PS. I've never been banned from a board. I'm not sure I've got it in me to even know how to even go about it.