I had to work last night, checking in on the phone was just so painful for a variety of reasons I just stopped trying.

Just wondering what my Planet Steeler brethren thought about:

1) Velasco - did he give us reason to be positive for the future (no snark please ).
2) Gay - was he ever on an island 1-on-1 when it counted ... did he hold up in that situation?
3) Heath - is he going to be OK, or even was he great right out of the box?
4) I see from the box score only Dwyer and Jones rushed ... how did they look? Was Red in the doghouse, or hurt?
5) Prisuta and Mike said Ike did great, then fubar'd on the 41 yarder after Cutler's scramble. You guys agree?
6) I saw the clip of the Cutler scramble. It looked to me like maybe Troy was supposed to spy Cutler, but went to the wrong side of the field to follow a potential receiver ... that was already covered???

Any other details/thoughts from the game would be much appreciated - thanks!