I've been very happy with what we have seen out of Velasco so far. Considering that he came off his couch to start, we could not have expected any better. Even when Ben faces pressure up the middle, it is usually due to an odd man rush, not a case of Velasco getting steamrolled. Could it sometimes be him taking the wrong man? Maybe, but it can't be that every time.

I've been critical of Pouncey in the past. I think that he is overrated by Steeler fans and the national media. If both players were in the last year of their contracts (Pouncey has one more year on his rookie deal, which has a hit of $4.6M and we can only shave off $1.4M by getting rid of him) then I would rather try to sign Velasco for the money that both would command. Velasco was signed to just over $2M RFA tender before being cut by the Titans, and could probably be signed in the $2-3M range. Pouncey will be seeking somewhere closer to $5M per I'm guessing. To me it would be an easy choice. I would like to see them try Pouncey at guard next year when he comes back in place of Foster and keep Velasco.