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Thread: All I Can Do Is Laugh

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    Quote Originally Posted by OffensiveSwine View Post
    Randy Fichtner has earned the chance to be the OC here. He's paid his dues as the WR coach, and the QB Coach.
    So, because someone "pays his dues" he is entitled to promotion? Many pay their dues, few get promoted. Promotion involves proving yourself. I have seen nothing from his work that say, wow this is a terrific coach. Who has he coached up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Notleadpoisoned View Post
    I'm still completely stuck on that whole "the standard is the standard" thing. I have no idea what that means anymore or if it ever really did mean anything. Kind of like saying "it's better to burn out than to fade away." Not a freaking clue.
    This is the most irritating thing about Tomlin. I'm so sick of hearing his sound bites... every one of them has some cliche straight from the "leader", "head coach" handbook. He needs to STFU and give Bill Belichick answers, or give answers like loose cannon type (loser) coaches (Mora, Herm Edwards, Singletary).

    These fn cliches make me not listen to his $h!t even more.

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    Unfortunately this season, we've been living up to the Cleveland standard, but we couldn't even achieve that last night.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shoe View Post
    He needs to STFU and give Bill Belichick answers
    One of the best parts of rooting for a team with Belichick as coach are the post-game press conferences. Today's was a good example:

    Q: Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, Gronkowski?
    A: He was inactive.

    Q: But what about probe, probe, probe Gronkowski?
    A: He was inactive.

    Q: Do you think babble babble babble Gronkowski repeat myself?
    A: He was inactive.

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    Well said Flippy. Probably the best post I've read on here in quite a while....

    Just like Emperor I Chuck Noll once said.... It's never as bad as you think it is, nor is it as good as you think it is.......
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    If the standard is the standard I think we need to raise the bar ............................................alot

    Molon labe

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    The Standard is the Standard...................


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    Awesome friggin' post Flip. Any Steelers beat writer could only hope to pen such an articulate and thought-provoking perspective. Bravo.

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    Great post. Enjoyed it. And btw on your signiture. If u save the photo to ur computer ,by right clicking it and then clicking save, you can then go to your profile and click on edit signiture. Then u can upload it to show the picture rather than just the link. That's how I got mine. I photoshopped all those emblems to one picture and saved it and uploaded it.
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    Flippy is mad. Insane. Crazy.

    Anyone that refers to Tomlin as Pudding in all his posts, as this exception to the rule proves, is obviously a nut.

    Besides, Mora has it right. Diddley-poo.
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