First, I want to say I enjoyed the chat. I appreciate those who tolerated my always upbeat and insightful comments about the Steelers during the game

First, I want to give credit where credit is due. I'm not an Antonio Brown fan, but wow was that a game. He played with attitude, and boy does this team need more of that.

The Good

1) Woodley is the best I have seen him, maybe ever. He was crushing the pocket all night long.
2) Dwyer is the best back on this team right now. He played well.
3) I have held the stance that Brown isn't a true #1. But, if he keeps playing like he did last night he may change my mind. I must believe Miller took a bit of pressure off of Brown, and allowed him more opportunities.
4) Our new Center (too lazy to look up the spelling of his name) is the best OLman on this team. What a terrific pick up.
5) The DLine as a whole played well, Hood, Heyward, Keisel and McClendon all were playing well. I'm not sure they are as consistent as they need to be but there is some potential with that group.
6) The Shark covered that WR as well as he could on that TD catch. I think he is going to be special.
7) Miller looked really good out there.
Our O actually looked like it had some life.
9) Coaching seemed better last night.

The Bad

1) I realize the OL is really bad, and it's messing up Ben's footwork and all of that (like Ben has ever needed good footwork to throw a great ball). But, Ben is inconsistent and sloppy. He single handedly lost the game last night.
2) I heard it said in chat last night, "Sanders leads the league in deep balls almost caught".
3) Adams got abused all night long.
4) DD struggles at times in the phone booth. Is he strong enough to handle the tougher DT's?

While the Steelers showed a bit of heart at times last night, they have lost their swag. We need true leaders to step up...and Ray Ray some life into these guys.

New Prediction 7-9