Now, before I say anything, I'm not booking any wins. No Steeler fan would be so stupid at this point. And I'll be honest--at this point, part of me just hopes we don't get embarrassed. But... looking ahead: We have Minnesota this Sunday on a neutral site. Then we get a bye. HOPEFULLY we can iron a few things out, tighten up where we can, during that week. Next, we get a rookie QB (Geno Smith). We may be able to eek out a turnover there. After that, it is Baltimore week in Pittsburgh (where yes, I know, we're 0-2). Then its the Raiders (who yes, I know, they've given us troubles when we had much better teams).

Anyway, I guess my point is that there still is room for tepid optimism. There are much worse stretches of games than the one we're about to enter.