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Thread: The defense

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shoe View Post
    Speaking of which... what ever happened to that ILB cross blitz that we used to run?
    We ran it.. Mclendon ran himself out of the play and Forte ran 45 yards.
    because you know, mclendon is a gym class hero, and deserves to start.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghost View Post
    People used to trot out the stats about the D's ranking. Well, now they are the 25th-ranked run D in the NFL. Terrible. The O is an embarrassment but this D is below average. After the Steelers got within 3 points, the defense decided it was time to let Cutler look like Montana. Forget turnovers (a Steelers D turnover is as mythical as The Loch Ness Monster), how about a stop at a critical time in the game?
    I think it is funny now that people are complaining about our 25th rushing defense. First of all, I thought rankings didn't matter. Second of all, I thought the LeBeau nay-asyers wanted the defensive linemen to penetrate instead of eat up blockers. Well you got your wish and now we open up a lot of cutback lanes for the RB to rush right through. You wanted rookies to play so how do you like the results with Jones, Wilson and Williams in the game? You want us to blitz Timmons up the middle and Cutler runs by him to pick up a crutial 3rd and 12 first down. Did you get a glimpse of our 2 inside linebackers cross blitzing while Forte breaks off a huge run? We get within 4 and then give up a backbreaking TD pass covered by Shamarko Thomas, a rookie.

    This is what a lot of you were calling for ... penetrating defensive linemen, more blitzing by Timmons and rookies on the field. How do you like it now? Now let's move our DBs into permanent man press coverage so we can get beat by even more big plays.

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    It's hard to get to the QB when they (Cutler) releases the ball in 2-3 seconds. And why does he do that? Our DB's play 10 yards off the receiver at the beginning of the game (90% of the time). First downs galore. So that's one of the reason's pressure and turnovers aren't anywhere to be seen.

    The D began to tighten a little in the second half with a little more press coverage. Unfortunately, Cutler made a couple throws late that no one could have stopped. By then, after Ben coughing it up 5 times, nothing could be done. Both sides of the ball are culpable IMO


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