I see almost nothing positive within this team. There is no Hines Ward - a guy who is going to tough it out and inspire his teammates. There is no James Harrison - the guy who inspires fear in opposing offenses and wreaks havoc when it is most needed.

Polamalu is still an animal, but I have long been torn on him. He does so many incredible things, but how much are his teammates handicapped by his freelancing?

I have no explanation for the pathetic offense. I have no explanation for why Ben is suddenly un-clutch and inaccurate when it hurts the most.

I have no explanation for why the team can't force a turnover to save their lives....or the season.

When it comes down to it, I think this team doesn't really exist. There are a bunch of individuals, some more talented than others, but I don't see a team out there.

I'm ready to see them clean house. They are trying to play with offensive and defensive schemes that don't work in today's NFL, and it's getting really hard to watch week in and week out.