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Thread: Did Ben throw this game?

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    No, Ben didn't throw the game, but I had to throw UP a couple times DURING the game.
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    Throw the game? Nonesense

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    no...bad OL will cause these types of problems....

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    I rewatched parts of the game. It looks just as bad today as it did yesterday.

    Ben is my favorite NFL player. He is also the biggest drama queen in NFL history. First his mini feud with Cowher. Then the same with Whiz. Then the over-playing of injuries. I watched Ben get his facemask removed on a stretcher vs Cleveland only to be fine and play shortly after. Its always something. Its always been something.

    Those fumbles were horrendous. I would love to think Ben wouldnt do that. His history makes me wonder. One thing I know for sure is there was a big part in that game where every member of this team looked like they would rather be anywhere else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobby View Post
    it does look like the first fumble he did but from behind we cant see the defender knocking it out which is what happened
    I thought it looked like that too. But when you watch the replay you realize the Bear guy punched the freaking thing out of his hands and made it look like he flipped it backwards.

    Way to much pressure all game. Near impossible to win a professional game with that level of O line play. Actually, the interior of the line, while not flawless, was at least decent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keyplay1 View Post

    Actually, the interior of the line, while not flawless, was at least decent.
    I was watching the NFL Network breakdown following the game, and they were saying the interior of the line was the biggest part of the problem, allowing pressure on Ben up the middle all game long.

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    We got beat up the middle. We got beat outside. The lines problems are bigger than just the tackles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 7 UP View Post
    We got beat up the middle. We got beat outside. The lines problems are bigger than just the tackles.
    This is what I was mentioning in another thread, Ben can't even rely on the pressure coming form the same place two consecutive plays, let alone rely on the line to actually give him a second or two and when they do provide time he's probably shocked. The line is so bloody erratic that it makes for near impossibility to play behind it. At least, if one side could play consistently okay Ben can worry about the other, but he needs to look and see where the jail break will come from before he can even begin to read routes. It's a mess up front and what's with rotating Beachum and Gilbert? At first, I thought, good they made a decision right or wrong they've benched Gilbert, then I look up on the next play or series and he's in the GD game. WTF?


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    Ben missed plenty of passes over the last two games especially...

    Ben can easily protect himself by completing some of those passes...

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    Ben didn't throw the game but he looked like crap for the 2nd week in a row.

    The o-line wasn't that bad and they weren't that good. There is no excuse for Ben including the normal scapegoats (i.e. Haley and o-line).


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