Yes folks, I've said it. Forget the Jadeveon Clowney crap. We've had enough of drafting defensive linemen that everybody complains about. Let's try and put some excitement in our offense with the number 1 pick. I love Ben but he is getting old and beat up. He doesn't seem to have the enthusiasm or leadership ability to do anything with this team so let's trade him while he is still worth something. If Cleveland can get a #1 for Richardson then we can get that for Ben. With 2 first round picks we should be able to trade up and take Bridgewater. He would bring some excitement back into this offense much like Wilson and RGIII have done in Seattle and Washington. The guy is mobile and has a great arm. Picture him running the read offense with Bell as his back. He can make plays with his arms and with his legs. I've also seen him complete screen passes to running backs ... something the Steelers don't seem to be able to do with Ben.

Think able it folks ... it might be the end of the "Big Ben Era" but the beginning of the "Bridgewater Era". Besides, he has the same initials as another Steeler great QB.