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The reverse to Crotchery was the only surprise IMO.

Running 3 straight times.. that wasn't shocking... it it was sad... but it damn sure wasn't shocking. I even said it out loud.. if he runs here then you know we are in for a long night.

I was surprised by the fade too...just because we rarely do it with a tall WR.
I am not talking about "halfback pass to QB" level surprise here Dizz.

The claim what made that play-calling was "predictable". Predictable means "I KNOW what to expect". Truth is that it was ANYTHING BUT predictable.

You get no gain and 1 yard on first and second down, you know full well you aren't "predicting" run on 3rd down and 9. The only way that would be "predictable" is for that to be what we typically do on 3rd and nine. It is not.

Dizz look at the plays. save for the end of the game when we were forced to pass, we called plays less predictably than most teams do.