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Yes Ben got into an accident. Why? He IGNORED Cowher, no respect. People attack Tomlin for not screamming at his players? You mentioned Harrison? Really? Maybe JUST maybe had Harrisons been given a chance instead of being on the bench after getting cut repeatedly, we MIGHT have been better than 8-8. No but Clark Haggins was too good to displace?

As I stated, if you think Tomlin builds the team now (I dont know why we need a GM if he does the GMs job). But for the sake of argument lets say Tomlin chose these players despite Colbert. All the a Rooneys need to do is give final say to Colbert. YOU SAID he coached "Cowhers team" to the SB, so Tomlin can coach a team to a championship. Problem solved.
So could Barry Switzer. The team was already there. He just needed not to screw it up. The idea that the Steelers don't allow the HC to help draft is just ridiculous. I guess Colbert just forgot how to draft when Tomlin got here. I guess Tomlin didn't go to Timmons pro-day? It was Colbert who picked him without listening to the coach that WAS THERE. Tomlin also said that Hood had NO holes. But of course he would have drafted him it must have been that ****ing Colbert idiot that did it all on his own without any input from the HC. Just ridiculous.