Hello all Steelers fans. I am gonna pull the skeleton out of the closet here and point not to the players, not the owner, not the GM as to what in the sam hill is going on with this team. This just did not start this year, it started 2 years ago when all of Bill Cowhers boys started to retire and move on. I have to start to analyze Mr Tomlin a bit. Forget about Todd Haley.....he stinks and always has. Mr Tomlin is as good as qualified as anyone to be an NFL coach. He is not qualified to be the coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers and I am going to explain myself. Where is the fire? The drive? The anger? The accountability? Shall I go on? I am positive they are having long practices and various arguments about he said she said but this is not the Pittsburgh Steelers organization that I know about. Where are the Pittsburgh Steelers? I have watched both games and I see no passion. PASSION.....PASSION.....PASSION.......No follow thru on plays no accountability. Polamalu does not even look interested anymore. First and foremost we need a power back. Get rid of Redman, Dwyer, and the guy with 3 first names.....Larod Stevens Howling. Was that really the solution? I know Bell is in here but he is not the answer my friends. Trent Richardson would have been a glorious pickup. The steelers I remember and I am 39 ) are mean, smart, tough, and most of all FEARED. They were feared 2 years ago so what happened? I will stop my rant and conclude with this. I will always remain a loyal Steeler fan but it pains me to see my team struggle. We cannot win always I know but as a team, a town, an organization I cannot see this team packing it in. We have rebuilt before and will again but the right people need to be in here. The coach takes all the credit when it goes good ....and bad. Mike Tomlin.....IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO BUILD YOUR LEGACY IN PITTSBURGH my friend. Before you know it...all of Bill Cowhers players will be gone.