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Thread: Not good in Pittsburgh

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    Quote Originally Posted by feltdizz View Post
    They aren't forced to pick those players though...
    Perhaps not, but we would all lose it if they picked an inferior player when we knew one had "slipped"...

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    Quote Originally Posted by steeler_fan_in_t.o. View Post
    I agree with much of this Shawn. I did not think that it was a huge deal when guys like Farrior (undisputed leader of the D), Hines, Smith, etc. all left around the same time, but I look back on that as a turning point. Not only does a team need its leaders, but those leaders have to be leading in the right direction. You can't have a leader who sets poor examples - not practicing hard, taking foolish personal foul penalties, whining too much etc. We had a solid core of characters, and I'm not sure where that is right now.

    And this is regardless of whether they are Cowher guys or Tomlin guys.
    Agreed. What few are looking at is this is how the Bengals played like the Bengals for many years. They had some talent, but always found a way of giving up seasons. There was a loser mentality in Cinci for years due to leadership voids and a passing down of a losing mentality. It's now like this has been a switched, and what the Steelers have lost the Bengals have picked up. That concerns me. I have no idea how much of that falls on Tomlins shoulders. Not even sure it's fair to judge Tomlin as a coach over it. But, I will say this in any organization the buck stops at top and Tomlin needs to own it and address it. And his first move needs to be to go in a different direction with his OC, and start at the top.

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    You have to give Haley a chance to right the ship with a healthy Heath Miller and perhaps even a LeVeon Bell...otherwise, you really have become the Bengals, with ill considered knee-jerk reactions...

    You see what the offense does vs. the Bears and the Vikings...if there is no improvement, you can Haley on 9/30 and promote Kirby Wilson or Randy Fichtner and give them the bye week in addition to the full week of prep...if you're going to can a guy, the least you should do is put the next guy in the best position to succeed that you possibly can...

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    Arians wasn't fired midseason...

    I'm not 100% sure we should treat the Pittsburgher the same...


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