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No one posting here was in the room when Rooney and Tomlin were having discussions regarding the direction of this team. No media was there either. It's downright laughable that the screaming Smith or clueless Bayless know anything about the inner workings of the Steelers.

Any talk about why Haley was hired, if nepotism was involved, or if he was forced on Tomlin is pure speculation. Anyone saying anything different, especially posters on this board, are talking out their ass.
The Steelers announced BA's retirement and then he ends up coaching in Indy. So everything they said they did before and after that is bs. Sure, who knows what happened? But this is the reason we can speculate.

Tomlin taking credit for everything and being in control after the fact really does sound like the same sort of BS spin we got with BA's "retirement". It's just a little fishy sounding. Again, who knows what really happened?

I've tried to figure out why Tomlin woulda/coulda hired Haley on his own accord. The only theory that makes sense is he wanted to use Haley to push Ben's buttons given Haley's rough history. Could it simply be Tomlin's way to call Ben a 1 trick pony to push him to be better? I dunno. But I do know Tomlin's into mind games.