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an OC who continues to give the ball to Jones in the second half would have more success.

an OC who puts Moyer or Wheaton on the go route so the other guys could work underneath could have success.

an OC who doesn't run a reverse with Crotchery could have more succese.

an OC who doesn't run bubble screens on 3rd and 8...or sub players after a fumble.

we dont need a true #1 to have success at the RB and TE position. Our D has kept our O close enough to stumble on an occasional TD to win a game. The problem is this OC concerned with being right instead of winning... its why you saw the sub package come in when we needed a quick snap after the paulson fumble.

I'd like to see Jones more. Agree on that one. Maybe you don't need a TRUE #1 at RB & TE. But at the very least, you need players who are better than the average guy off the street.

Again, not defending Haley. Not at all. Actually hoping they come to their senses and get rid of him. But I think our problems are more a function of injuries and lack of talent. Easy to point at one guy. A lot of us pointed at BA in years past. How's that look now??