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Thread: A Challenge to the Planet Steeler Community.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by steelblood View Post
    no one accused you personally of anything. No need to be defensive.
    Guilty conscience?

    Although not necessarily douchebaggery, the "I was right, I told you so" posts are only one step above that...accurate, perhaps, but not constructive...

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    Quote Originally Posted by GRUMPY GOUK View Post
    All in all, this community is loaded with throbbing cerebrums when talking about the pigskin... deviations from the normal intelligent banter seem directly correlated to the mounting losses. That being said, this site's URL is by far the address you would want to key in if you care to read enlightened opinions on the B&G.... this place is a collective of above average football knowledge.
    This place is so good, some posters feel the need to create several usernames in a day just to post here, despite the fact that theyare persona non grata....


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