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Not my original thought but I agree:

“Super Bowl 43: Haley’s Cardinals offense 23, Arians Steelers offense 20.
Haley’s offense competed against the No. 1 defense in the league, while Arians’ offense went against the worst defensive team in Super Bowl history, one that gave up 49 TDs in the 2008 regular season.”

Can't claim in one breath that talent got AZ to the SB in spite of Haley, then say Haley is keeping this offense from functioning even though it lacks 90% of the talent AZ had in their SB year. Haley might not be a miracle worker, but he is far from an incompetent boob.
None of that is untrue, and as we all know: there was a 14-point swing in the game on ONE play (i.e. they could've had a lot more than they did, and we could've had less).