...to improve the Steelers' chances of winning:

--Order Haley to implement a spread offense much of the time. Have the O start the game in the spread...the shock might at least keep the opponent on their heels for a minute or two.

--Have Ben run the no-huddle on at least three series.

--Get Markus Wheaton involved as a receiver.

--Less vertical routes for Brown, Sanders, and Cotchery. Try Wheaton on a few of them.

--Don't use Cotch to run reverses.

--More Felix Jones, less Isaac Redman.

--Give Max Starks a call.

--Let Ben call the play to get the snap off before the opponent can throw a challenge.

--Emphasize to the D to get turnovers. Harp on it in practice.

--Emphasize to the O to not give up turnovers. Harp on it in practice.

(Add your suggestions.)