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Thread: PFT: Brown Confronts Haley on Sideline

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    Quote Originally Posted by RomperRoomReject View Post
    Ben's biggest skills are throwing deep, and attacking the middle of defenses. This offense doesn't do that.

    Arians was hated for his WR screen use. The Pittsburgh guy does it even MORE, with little or no complaint.

    Safe sideline one read crap with Ben? No. May as well bench him and keep him healthy, until it's feasible cap wise to trade/cut him.
    Ben's true greatest skill is play-action...he is not a great deep ball passer...

    He needs a running game to do that...

    Edited to add: Not saying he's a terrible deep ball passer...
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    Quote Originally Posted by feltdizz View Post
    The loss of Wallace and Heath is huge.. much bigger than I expected but I also thought Haley would have Wheaton going deep instead of Sanders. We should be 4 wide.. 5 wide.. with Jones in the backfield.

    I know this wasn't the plan in the offseason but you gotta do what you gotta do when guys go down.

    Agree feltdizz.. Heath accounted for 15% of the Steelers offense last season and Wallace was another 15%. If my math is correct, that's 30% of the offense that needed replaced.

    Oh, btw, Dwyer accounted for another 14% of the offense..... so you have nearly 50% of the offense needing replaced by others having to step up. So far, it obviously hasn't happened.


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