Our record in the last 14 games is 2-12 dating back to last year. I am including the 0-4 preseason just to add to the shock and awe!

We finished 2-6 last year over our final 8 games. 0-4 in pre-season and 0-2 this year. WOW. Not use to this. Even without the pre-season...we are 2-8 in our last 10 real games.

Why we lose: This must be 2012. Because it looks the exact same style of football which is 0 turnovers and 0 splash plays.

So far this year through 2 games we 1 sack, no FF, no Int....you don't win games unless you force the T.0.---I don't even see guys going for turnovers which is shocking. Watch the 49ers and Seahawks...they go for the strip on every down. CMON MAN!