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Do you honestly think BA's offense would work any better with the current personnel (Adams, Foster, Velasco, DeCastro, Gilbert, Paulson, Redman, Cotchery, Brown, Sanders)?
Yes, I do and here's why:

1) It allowed Ben Roethlisberger to play football the best way he knows how
2) Arians offense used players strengths and put players in a position to succeed

Arians offense was pitiful in the red zone, but Haley's is pitiful for the entire 100 yards of grass. An offense that does the following is idiotic, IMO.

1) Takes Sanders and Brown out of the game to run an end around with the slowest WR on the team is a bad idea
2) Running the ball three times to start the game, because that's how they did it in the 70s is a bad idea
3) Trying to run behind a TE that is incapable of laying a hand on an opponent is a bad idea
4) Not giving the most productive 1st half running back one touch in the 2nd half is just plain ignorant
5) Giving Isaac Redmon anything more than 5 plays per game isn't going to strike fear in any defense
6) Actually believing that you're somehow fooling an NFL defense by splitting Redmon out wide as the 5th receiver is a joke
7) Not turning the game over to Ben is the biggest blunder and for that reason alone Tomlin should have jerked the headset form him

A coach should put players in a position to succeed; it appears that Haley is trying as hard as he can to ensure that the offense fails.