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I agree with your overall sentiment that the pass pro was not the problem. I even said this during the game time chat. I thought they did a good job, especially with a one week center. Velasco played very well imo.
It may seem like harping, but you guys are flat wrong on the pass pro not being a problem in the game. Michael Johnson was going through Adams like a hot knife through butter, and many others saw it ([URL]http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1780745-dissecting-best-individual-matchups-to-watch-in-steelers-week-3-action[/URL]) ...Its amazing that he didn't get a sack! PFF had Johnson at SIX QB pressures of Ben. The hope is that he'll fare better this week pass rush-wise, against an aging Julius Peppers.

Note: I'm not pointing it out to try and be Mr. Right. It is just a fact that you guys are apparently missing. He's been awful so far.