That play where he was turned sideways and bullrushed 5 yards into the backfield reminded me of 3rd grade tackle team.
That had to be a total embarrassment for him.
I hope they show that over and over to him in the film room.
Disgusting play for a 1st round pick.
Don't even get me started on what Adams is doing out there.
He is outmatched on almost every single play.
Gilbert plays like he is on ice skates.
Not a wonder why Ben was so off last night. He couldn't set once and step into any throws.
This O-line continues to be this teams demise.
No RB could run behind this line.
They are so overmatched week in and out i cringe now when we get the ball.
May be time to see Beachum in there before it gets any worse.
I just want to cry that we can't get this O-line straightened out