The Good

1) Defense once again looked pretty good. I was a bit disappointed that running looked easier than it should against a Steeler D. I was also disappointed in Clark's mis-read leaving Eifert wide open.

2) Heyward was playing very well last night. He is a guy who is starting to flash. Shoot, even Ziggy was playing with a little attitude last night.

3) Our special teams look special.

4) Our new center is probably the second best OLman on this team...not that is saying much.

The Bad

1) Almost too much bad to name. But, let me start with Ben. I am a huge Ben fan but he hasn't looked himself since getting married. He doesn't have that fire, throwing bad balls in crucial situations...looked almost defeated during several quarters of that game. His throwing last night was sad.

2) The OLine...while better this week against a pretty good Bengal front 7...they were not good enough especially in creating holes for the running game.

3) Paulson...while able to get open and catch, that fumble and him getting blocked on his back several times last night left a bad taste in my mouth.

4) Brown and Sanders are no #1 and #2. I didn't think we lost much when we lost Wallace. I was wrong.

The Ugly

1) The coaching. I have been a Tomlin fan, and a Haley fan...but no longer. I watched Haley split out Redman in 5 wide instead of Wheaton. Wha? The fact that Tomlin allows this nonsense to go on...unbelieveable. I could go through a list of poor calls, but what use would that serve?

2) Why is Redman on this team? Our running game is pathetic.

3) The refs...I mean come on...the Steelers