Is there anyone who thinks that this is even defensible?

On draft night, I wanted the Steelers to select either Hopkins or Justin Hunter of Tennessee, or both. I think Jarvis Jones is very talented and a very good football player, but I don't see how he was even close to being as needed as a serious wide receiver threat. Hopkins is a stud and is already stealing some of Andre Johnson's thunder. His catches at the end of the Texans game yesterday were phenomenal.


Colbert looks very silly for having passed on him. In fact, the Steelers could have taken Hopkins there and also traded up to take Hunter. They would have had a fabulous duo for years to come that way.

But, to the point, Hopkins was terrific for Clemson last year and there was no excuse for the Steelers to pass on him. Hopkins will very likely be the rookie of the year on offense this season. Colbert looks very silly right now for not drafting him. The guy is an elite talent. And so is Justin Hunter. How can you not draft at least one of these guys? How could you not trade up to draft both frankly? They could have easily taken Hopkins at 17 and then moved up to the late first round to nab Hunter.

Roethlisberger would be lighting it up right now with those two weapons at his disposal.

DeAndre Hopkins highlights:


Justin Hunter highlights: