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Thread: Go and sign ochocinco....

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    Go and sign ochocinco....

    We have the worst wide receiving corps in the league. If you follow games around the NFL, you can see just how laughable our talent is at the wide receiver position. The Steelers are one of the only teams that can't afford their QB the luxury of throwing any jumpballs or back-shoulder throws or fade routes. Roethlisberger actually hasn't had those options since Burress left, which makes it scary to think of just how good Roethlisberger could have been in the last decade if he had had anything approximating a #1 receiver (which he never did).

    Boldin carried the Ravens through the playoffs by making catches in traffic with his solid frame and by catching jumpballs on the sidelines. Flacco could throw it high over the middle or simply in Boldin's vicinity down the sideline, and he would go up and make the plays. Roethlisberger has never had anything close to that luxury. He is throwing to midgets who are considerably smaller than all of the DBs they are going up against. Every throw Roethlisberger makes has to be perfect, in the chest, or it isn't being caught. Roethlisberger has no margin for error and no playmaking ability to rely on from the receivers. The talent that Colbert has provided him with is frankly a joke by NFL standards.

    There is a huge misconception out there that a) Big Ben holds the ball too long, and b) the offensive line is the problem. In reality, Ben has always held the ball because his receivers couldn't get open on initial routes. He has never had a standout receiver who could get open conventionally and who Ben could rely on to go and make a play in traffic. Never. In fact, Holmes was a sloppy route-runner and Wallace was a one-trick pony whose awkwardness and lack of adeptness with the hands were obvious. This is why he has held on to the ball - to allow his awkward, short, and slow receivers a chance to get open.

    The only solution to this season frankly is to sign Ochocinco. He still has all of the quickness and athleticism needed to be a great receiver. The NFL is just blackballing him for his attitude. But he could walk in to the Steelers this week and make a serious impact. He would easily be the most talented receiver on the roster. That isn't saying much frankly, but since Colbert was stupid and didn't draft a receiver in the early rounds the last couple years, that is the best option now.

    Go and sign Chad. He would change the season. Him and Roethlisberger would work magically just like Roethlisberger and Burress worked magically in the half-season they spent together in 2004 when they lit up the Browns, Patriots, and other teams.

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    Wow!!!! This is where we are as a team.

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    Actually, the receivers have been terrible for years and Ochocinco could have been used all along. Big Ben has never had a serious #1 target or anything close to it.

    The offense has always been patchy BS throughout the last decade. There could never be any continuity or serious consistency with it since there was no true #1 receiver.

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    Huh? Have you watch the Patriots lately? The Jaguars? The Raiders and several others?

    No WRs? Holmes? Wallace? Brown?

    Ben had Santonio Holmes whom is a better WR than Wallace, Brown or Sanders.

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    Steelz09, Holmes was the most talented receiver Ben had besides Burress, but that isn't very good frankly. Holmes was great when plays broke down but he was a poor route-runner and too small to be a #1. This has clearly been exposed in New York where they paid him to be a #1 and it just hasn't worked out.

    Wallace and Brown should thank Roethlisberger every day of the week for making them look so much better than they are. Wallace is awkward with his hands and cuts and has always been terrible at adjusting to the ball in the air. He has never done what Boldin did in the playoffs, for instance. Yes, Wallace is great in a straight-line sprint down the sideline, but since that accounts for maybe 2% of football plays run in a season, that is trivial. Wallace never had a #1 wide receiver skill set to offer. He was awkward and coordination-deficient.

    As for Brown, for him to get over $8 million per year is ridiculous. That is completely overpaying him. Colbert should have his head examined for that. Brown is a very good #3 receiver alongside big, physical targets that take attention away from him. But he is way too small to be a #1, nor does he have DeSean Jackson speed.

    The Steelers completely overpaid for Brown and everyone has severely overrated Wallace and Brown. Roethlisberger made them look much better than they really are. They both can have a role on a team, but they're not even close to being #1 receivers by NFL standards.

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    So your recommendation for a #1 WR right now is Ocho Stinko? I get your argument but your recommended fix is a bit laughable.

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    Ochocinco can still play. Whenever he got the chance in New England (which wasn't nearly often enough), he moved great and made some terrific plays. He had big catches against San Diego, the Jets, and Denver. He just needed a chance but they refused to give it to him. They were content running their robot nonsense continuously.

    Ochocinco was also very impressive in camp at Miami last year until being released, and apparently he is in excellent condition right now. He could walk in and do very well right off the bat for Pittsburgh. That is not laughable at all.

    In Ochocinco, we are talking about a guy who has the most elite talent you'll find. He isn't just any receiver.

    Go and sign him. He's the best option right now.

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    I didn't respond initially, because I figured this was a troll thread. You make some good points about Wallace, AB, and Holmes which makes one think you may not be a troll so... how would Ochocinco help our WR corp at this point in his career?

    Well, it looks like you answered my question above... but I think you greatly overestimate him. NE and MIA had definite WR needs. Especially MIA. These teams wouldn't just dump a #1 (or even #2) caliber WR for the reasons he was cut. He's not the player he was... remember, his prime was the early-mid 2000s. It is now 2013.
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    If you watched any of Ochocinco's highlights or plays with New England, it was clear that his athleticism was still there and his game was still there. The Patriots were just comfortable with their personnel and decided, coming off the short post-lockout training camp, that he wasn't really needed. They stuck with Gronkowski and Hernandez as the main targets and then had the little munchkins running timing patterns underneath for Brady. It was working and they didn't really feel the need to insert Ochocinco.

    But the problem wasn't that he lacked game.

    Furthermore, all reports coming out of Miami last year were that he was as quick as ever and that he was looking terrific before he was released. He also worked out with Antonio Brown, Andre Johnson, and other receivers over the spring and summer this year, and he apparently shined in the workouts.

    So, his game and his talent are still there. He is the best option right now for saving the season. You can't go on having the worst WR corps in the league like this. Roethlisberger needs a receiver that he can trust to make a play when his throws aren't pinpoint accurate and perfect. He does not have that with guys who are only 5-10/5-9. Ochocinco would help very much to that end.


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