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Thread: Looks Like It Could Be...

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    Quote Originally Posted by 7 UP View Post
    All joking aside, what 1 or 2 teams do you see us beating???
    Green Bay...because I'm going to that game, damn it.
    Round 1, Pick 15 (15)- Ryan Shazier, ILB; Ohio State
    Round 2, Pick 14 (46)- Stephon Tuitt, DE; Notre Dame
    Round 3b, Pick 33 (97)- Dri Archer, RB; Kent State
    Round 4, Pick 18 (118 )- Martavis Bryant, WR; Clemson
    Round 5, Pick 17 (157)- Shaquille Richardson, CB; Arizona
    Round 5b, Pick 33 (173)- Wesley Johnson, OT; Vanderbilt
    Round 6, Pick 16 (192)- Jordan Zumwalt, OLB; UCLA
    Round 6b, Pick 39 (215)- Daniel McCullers, DT; Tennessee
    Round 7, Pick 15 (230)- Rob Branchflower, TE; Massachusetts

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    Long year. 4-12

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rara View Post
    Green Bay...because I'm going to that game, damn it.
    Same here. All the way from Seattle!

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    Quote Originally Posted by noitall0605 View Post
    Long year. 4-12
    4 to 5 wins is a good estimate.

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    Our offensive line and RB are horrendous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mister Pittsburgh View Post
    Our offensive line and RB are horrendous.
    I think the RB play has been non existent because of the OL. I think we are finding out now that some of the offseason personnel changes up front are not panning out (to say the least).

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    Quote Originally Posted by 7 UP View Post
    All joking aside, what 1 or 2 teams do you see us beating???
    I think the defense can win 1 or 2 games for them. If the defense continues to play like it did last night and can turn in a game changing play or two they can win a game 13-10. I don't know who it would be against, maybe late in the year when teams are resting starters for the playoffs and the Steelers are auditioning their circus freaks of an offense for other teams.

    Decastro was supposed to be a top notch RG and he got walked back into Ben by Atkins on more than one occasion last night, completely over matched and that's disheartening.

    Here's some potential wins (maybe) Jets (Geno Smith), Oakland (Terrell Pryor) and Cleveland (Weeden) twice, the defense can win any one of those 4 games because the quarterback on the other team isn't even college caliber.

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    1.15) Ryan Shazier - ILB/OLB
    2.46) Stephon Tuitt - DE
    3.97) Dri Archer - RB
    4.118 ) Martavis Bryant - WR
    5.157) Shaquille Richardson - CB
    6.173) Wesley Johnson - OT
    6.192) Jordan Zumwalt - ILB
    7.215) Daniel McCullers - DT
    7.230) Rob Blanchflower - TE

    "Before you can win a game, you have to not lose it." -- Chuck Noll

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    I think the only team we can beat now is Jaguars....


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