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Thread: So here's the question about Haley...

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    So here's the question about Haley... I watch another anemic performance by the offense as the team looks like its going down to another loss.

    If the Steelers were to bite the bullet & admit that the Haley experiment has failed by letting him go - who would they turn to?

    Logic says it would be Kirby Wilson, who was Tomlin's choice before his unfortunate accident & the team had to look elsewhere, turning eventually to Haley. Now it's certainly doesn't look like Haley's offense is a fit but would Wilson's be any better? Do we know what he would've done differently than Arians or have any real insight into his offensive philosophy?

    Then there is the current QB coach Randy Fichtner...whom I would've thought would be an OC by now given his knowledge of the spread offense. Fichtner led record-setting offenses at both Arkansas St. & Memphis before coming to the Steelers.

    I'm not an alarmist but you know something is wrong when your offense in two games has put up 472 total yards & Aaron Rogers himself had 480 yards himself yesterday. You know something is wrong when large chunks of your franchise QB's yards are coming on desperate last drives of each game, speaking directly to the inefficiency of the offense. You know something is wrong when you haven't run for 100 yards total - AS A TEAM IN TWO GAMES - regardless of your offensive philosophy. Currently under Haley the Steelers are close to the bottom of the league in every offensive category & that simply cannot be tolerated.

    There are good, talented players here...both veteran & new, & good coaches too - but the team seems ill-suited to the offense its running. The challenge for Colbert, the coaches & the players is that something needs to be done & done soon as its clear that the team needs to shake itself out of its lethargy & the season is lost.
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    I would say RF since he is the QB coach and more than likely know what the QB likes.


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