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Thread: Kovacevic: Will Steelers Pass Up Another Chance?

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    Totally agree. We waited two years too long to start to rebuild key elements of this team. The problem started with wishing and hoping on Aaron Smith to return, add Casey Hampton too. That in itself wasn't the total problem but it was the symptom of the problem wanting to hold on to veterans too long. We can argue why but as you know my opinion has been an over emphasis on "Knowing the system." We need a system, whatever it is, that allows younger players to contribute more, earlier. Until we do we are going to treading water in the mediocrity end of the NFL swimming pool.
    And yet there is still a steady chorus of fans complaining that the Steelers didn't resign Harrison for an extension. Can't have it both ways. Tough choices have to be made, some will be good, some will be bad.

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    the simple truth is the game has evolved and the rooney's stubbornly refuse to evolve with it. All things being equal the steelers and the front office would be correct to strive for balance between the run and the pass. However, over the last 5 years the NFL has purposely shifted and changed the rules to predominantly favor the offense and hamstring the defense - the result of which is an explosion of production and scoring. How many QB's threw for over 300 yards last week? How many threw for over 400? Balance is all well and good, but this is a stubborn refusal to accept the reality of Goodells NFL. Protect your QB with a solid line and pack your team with wideouts and TE's who can confuse the defense from a variety of sets. And who cares if the defense guesses right and stops then? there's a solid chance you'll get a defensive holding, a pass interference, an illegal hit high, an illegal hit low, a hit to the QB's knees, a hit to the QB's helmet, a roughing the passer etc.

    win or lose, at least accept the reality of today's NFL. get your young guys in the game. let's have some 4 wide sets. let's see 2 TE's etc. For better or worse, this is the future for the remainder of Ben's career. deal with it and plan accordingly.

    or keep running sprint draws and bubble screens.



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