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I would like to see balance on offense, but I hate the way that Haley goes about it. He doesn't always seem to use players to the best of their ability. Running Redman as a single back with 3 TEs? The 3rd and 1 plays where Dwyer lines up as a lone back 8 yards deep? Hate em.

The problem right now is that teams can really crowd the Steelers. Sanders doesn't scare anybody, nor should he. Cotchery is a great posession receiver but not a deep threat at all. Brown is a great number 2, but he doesn't seem to scare teams at all.

Putting Wheaton on the field at least adds another option, and he might back safeties off more than Cotchery ever will.

I don't want to see the Steelers become a pass happy team, per se, but I hate watching them trot out the same thing when it doesn't work, particularly in the running game.
Running Redman is a recipe for failure. Until Bell comes back, make Dwyer the feature back, but integrate Will Johnson more into the offense as a pass receiving option until Heath returns. Our current TEs are useless. As we will see tonite that "back up Bengals TE" we could've drafted would be a major plus to our team right now.

Wheaton needs to be on the field alot. He may have more ability than any other WR we have.