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    The Window

    Seems like its very difficult to win a Super Bowl with an average or less QB. Big Ben, our franchise guy, has earned us two victories so far and has the potential to lead us to more. However everyones football career eventually comes to an end so with Ben we have a Window. Up until recently, we have done everything we can, including some unpopular contract extentions, to keep star players in Bens supporting cast. Guys like Bettis, Ward, Harrison, and Farrior. Now those top shelf star players are gone and frankly, nobody has stepped up to fill the void. Some of our recent draft choices have to emerge as difference makers. Who is going to form the new core of star players to give Ben another run at it before his window closes?
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    OK, so the player closest to reaching that star plateau is LB L Timmons. He has steady improved his game for several years and is on the cusp of superstardom. Maybe he can put it together this year. Two other players on D who have shown flashes of potential are CB C Allen and NT S McClendon. Lets hope they continue to ascend. Didn't include WR on this list because none have been enduring or transformative, although A Brown could work his way up there in a few years. Last player I think could grow into one of those top tier roles is RB L Bell. I just have a feeling hes going to do it.
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    I think we need our WR's to step it up. They have to start finding the EZ more. Brown is a wonderful WR between the 20's, but disappears in the RZ. Hines Ward seemed to find the EZ, he'd make the tough catches. That's what we need our WR's to do. I think once Bell gets healthy, he's going to add another dimension to the offense too.

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    I think the special players that may eventually step up are Jarvis, Cortez, Shark, and Williams if he can get on the field over Wilson. I have high hopes for Wheaton on the offensive side.


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