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    Mike Adams

    Amongst all the "DeCastro is a Bengal/Raven/Browns spy & is taking out our guys from within" talk this week, Chadman didn't see any mention of how Mike Adams played.

    Ok, the OL had it's issues, but how did he go at LT?

    Was he reasonable? Is he the long term solution?
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    I don't think any of the OL played well against the titans. Adams is the better of the two tackles that we have right now. Not sure if that means hes a long term solution though. I think he could eventually be a decent right tackle with some work.

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    Saw one clip where Adams failed to pick up the DE after Foster passed him off in a stunt and it resulted in a sack on Ben.

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    Adams looks lost to me at LT. Not sure if he'll ever grow into the position. I'd really try to move him back to the right side where he looked night and day better. He's a beast as a run blocker on the right. But he just looks a little awkward when I've watched him in pass pro on the left.

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    He didn't fall on a teammate, or if he did there was no blown-out knee.

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    I'm not sure it's fair to pass judgement on Adams after one regular season start at LT. He has room for growth for sure, but he has to have time to grow into it.

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    Gilbert is a disaster. Adams isn't quite as bad. Wish we had a serviceable LT, then we could move Adams to RT and get Gilbert out of there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DukieBoy View Post
    He didn't fall on a teammate, or if he did there was no blown-out knee.
    Right, he's an OLine stud like Kion is a ST stud

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    Mike Adams did not play good, but nor did the rest of the o-line.

    Adams is actually better at LT than he is at RT in pass pro... but unfortunately thats not saying much

    Adams is our best option at LT too... Sadly.

    I would normally say sign Starks... If Starks hadn't given up 3 sacks to the 49ers second and third teams and look terrible


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