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Thread: Redundant Thoughts 2013 Week 1 - Titans

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    Redundant Thoughts 2013 Week 1 - Titans

    1. WTF?!

    2. And here we have the latest addition to the Steelers team roster. The coaches really like this kid, etc.

    Dad? …

    3. I watched the game with my older brother at a local sports bar. It was his birthday, so I bought the beer. The sports bar had the sound on for the Saints-Falcons game and the juxtaposition of the exciting verbal bombast as a backdrop for this putrid display of incompetence was fascinating.

    4. The level of disappointment would be hard to convey … I can only compare it to … <twitch> just about <twitch> … every %@$&^ game last year!

    5. No turnovers … again …

    6. A rash of injuries … again ….

    7. No big plays on defense … again …

    8. I was calling for Tommy Maddox by the third quarter. My brother was calling for Kordell Stewart.

    google … Trolling or calling it like it is?

    9. Before I carry on with my rant I might as well point out a couple of good things:
    #1. Few penalties.
    #2. The defense spent about 55 of the 60 minutes on the field and didn’t give up that many points.
    #3. Ben’s helmet fit his head kind of funny … it was riding high … sort of worth a chuckle … bit of levity …

    10. I hate this season already.

    11. The Steelers had zero rushing first downs. How is that even possible? I feel dirty admitting it!

    Especially admitting it after watching this guy coach … that IS what he’s doing right?

    12. My favorite play … you know where I am going with this don’t you? The bubble screen on 3rd and 7 light-years … God help me I was wondering if we could get Bruce Arians back.

    13. Say what you will about Arians, I’ve certainly taken my shots at him in the past, but the guy attempted to reckon a game strategy that played to his QB’s strengths. I do not see Haley doing that.

    14. Ok, DeCastro … you asked for it …

    I heard that the C’mon Man guys went on for about 3 minutes on this stupidity and that probably wasn’t enough. I also heard that Brent Keisel was indignant, and with good reason. Its one thing to end the season of one of our team captains because we were busy beating the piss out of the Titans when it happened. It’s another thing entirely to end Pouncey’s season while pissing all over ourselves on a televised broadcast.

    15. The Steelers lost to the Titans? The freaking Titans? The team that couldn’t find the endzone with a map last year? THOSE Titans?


    16. At one point I was sitting there wistfully watching the other NFL scores scroll the bottom of the screen – a veritable parade of double-digit offensive output - during one of the Steelers ubiquitous 3-and-outs - and I noticed that there were only two teams in the entire NFL that managed to score only two points well into the 4th quarter: our beloved Steelers and the Jaguars. The JAGUARS? That’s what the Steelers are now?


    17. In the years gone by the Steelers D was talented enough to put them over the hump. 2 points might have been enough to beat a team like the Titans. What we are seeing is a D that is fading fast and an offense that lacks identity.

    18. Perspective: At the end of last season I had pretty much decided to hang it up. I was going to retire my posting days and move on to more important things – whatever that/those might be. However, this game inspired me to make a pre-emptive return from a planned retirement – or to not retire (it depends on how you look at it). My point is that there is a level of terrible that demands a response.

    I have responded.

    Now I pray the Steelers do the same. I pray they watch every lousy minute of this game film (twice). And then they do what is necessary to win football games.
    Focus. There are things that are important and things that are not important.
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