For the first time in Chadman's time on this board, there is a troubling, concerning piece of evidence that points to the need for all of us to take a deep man-breath & give one of our fellow board members a group hug.

For years, this poster has always gleefully hidden under our bed, with witty dialogue & a cheerful (if kinda old & crotchety) way of presenting himself.

Yet in the last few days, it's become apparent that he isn't happy.

In fact, he's crappy.

He's a not happy, crappy Pappy.

So let's all give Papillion, or Pappy to his mates, a cheerful 'howdy', a very manly group hug & words of wisdom & "Pappy, stop being poopy"... or "Pappy, you are no longer a happy chappy, which makes us feel crappy"... and that sort of thing.

C'mon Pappy, come out from under the grumpy bed & give us a smile..