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Thread: Kelvin Beachum to start at center against Bengals in Week 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by SanAntonioSteelerFan View Post
    OK, I'm not at practices or in the locker room, if the coaches think Beachum is the best we have for week 2, I accept that decision.

    What I think this means is that we will have a golden "test tube" opportunity to evaluate the coaching staff. Beachum has known weaknesses (can't block well, but besides that he's an awesome offensive lineman), and that can't be fixed by coaching. But what the coaches *can* do is game plan around those weaknesses.

    So will we see a game plan indistinguishable from when Pouncey was in there? Or will we see obvious adjustments to reflect who we are playing and their skill sets? (Maybe have Ben go into motion a lot, no 7 step drops (heck, not too many 5 step drops either)? In other words, not have the outcome of the game depend on Beachum having to control the beast he's lining up across from? "Cause - that's not going to happen.

    All those people who want Tomlin's and Haley's head on a platter will have an opportunity to see if they're on the mark or not after Monday night, I guess.

    PS Same goes for the Defense. My 2 cents: I can remember ONE game where it seemed to me that LeBeau game planned - against the *s a few years ago where we came out looking like a totally different team on D, pressing at the line, confusing Marsha Brady, and holy cow we won that game. I know this is unfair and probably wrong, but it seems to me that every other game than that LeBeau has the same friggin' game plan. He just erases last week's opponent's name on the top of the chalkboard and replaces it with this week's. Great for "stats", not so much for W-L records.

    OK, flame away!
    Now THAT would be coaching magic. How do you game plan for a center that can't block??? Seems to me the better route is to find a guy that can block and teach him to play center. Coaching decisions lately are quite simply baffling.


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