Locker says some Terrible Towels made the trip back to Tennessee

Posted by Mike Florio on September 10, 2013, 8:43 PM EDT

In 2008, some Titans desecrated a Terrible Towel or two after a late-season win over the Steelers gave Tennessee the top seed in the AFC playoff field. Some say it sparked a curse that resulted in the Titans being knocked out of the playoffs, the Steelers winning the Super Bowl, and the Titans plunging into protracted mediocrity.

The Titans have tempted fate again after an unexpected win over the Steelers, figuratively inserting Terrible Towels into places where towels don’t normally fit and literally taking some of the towels back to Tennessee.

“I know of a few floating around the locker room,” Titans quarterback Jake Locker told Erik Kuselias of NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk on Tuesday. “I didn’t personally get one home but I know that a few made the trip back. So I should try and track one down I guess.”

We’d advise against doing anything to incur the karma of the trinket created by the late Myron Cope. Even when not playing the Steelers, the Terrible Towel has a way of wreaking havoc with a “hmm” and a “ha”.