I am ... redundantman?

Blanket silence … stifling quiet … from the depths of “the sleep”, the months long hibernation that prolongs the life of everyone’s favorite Steelers commentator, his arms flail at the tattered remains of the 2012-2013 season. His fight isn’t so much to wake up, but to do damage to the affront of a season that ended so bitterly … with the hoisting of a silver trophy by a quarterback named … Flacco?

Flacco won a … Super Bowl?

The Ravens won another Super Bowl … which means that logically, the Steelers did not win another Super Bowl. However, if logic was dang useful it would have explained how Flacco was able to win a Super Bowl in the first place … why the Steelers were unable to stop him … <flash>
Seering pain, in his brain. Too much thinking, too much emotion, too soon in a season. It happens like this every year though. Win or loss, it doesn’t matter. It happens like this every year.

Another year … yet another year …

There is no other team in the NFL that has experienced the irony of the NFL’s silver trophy – a reminder of past achievement and how great a team used to be – than the Pittsburgh Steelers. The trophy - a monument to obsolescence – regarded fondly by those who fought for and earned it and mocked quietly by those who still play a young man’s game in a world of short attention spans. Having a trophy is cool, but having two would be better, and three better still …

“Now we can start working on the other hand!” ….

Redundantman’s master had spoken those words not 10 minutes after coach Cowher had hoisted that “ultimate goal”. The only thing less aesthetically pleasing than an empty thumb is an entire empty hand. 5 wasn’t enough, the Steelers were not looking for “one for the thumb” after all apparently.

Enjoy your trophy, Joseph Flacco. But we Steelers fans only see … empty thumbs.

First one to 10 wins.