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Thread: Omg ... Redman starting again?!?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by thor75 View Post
    I'm puzzled by this as well. Tomlin was so quick to bench guys last year, now he has changed.
    While I agree with your general point, I do not find any "change" in and of itself "puzzling" considering the season we had.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chadman View Post
    Chadman doesn't think Bell is going to be a significant contributor this side of the bye week, and who knows how long after that. This is a significant injury for a RB due to it being on his foot. It's going to take time to not only get healthy, but get the power needed to step off that foot & through a hole. It might not be what we want to hear, but Redman, Dwyer & Jones might be the staple for a good while yet.
    i think you meant stable, not staple. You'd think the horse guy would get that right.

    Also, your first two sentences really crack me up. I don't know why. The wording, I guess.
    Even if Bill Belichick was getting an atomic wedgie, his face would look exactly the same.


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