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The problem is that I thought that they already did that. Fans wanted to see players held accountable and Dwyer got canned after fumbling in the pre-season. They wanted to see investments on the OL and we spent 2 #1's and 2 #2's in the last few years. People complained that Arians O was going to get Ben killed, so they let him go and brought in a guy known for playing to players strengths as opposed to a rigid philosophy. People complained that there cancers in the locker room and called out Mendenhall and Wallace. Both are gone. They said we needed to get younger on D and the team did. I could go on, but the point is simply that the team isn't merely twiddling their thumbs while they implode. They are doing what I want from them as a fan- they are continuing to fight and try and find a way to get better. Losing three starters on opening day sucks, but you still have to play the rest of the season and make the most of it.
This is so on the money.
I think the issue is that we have made mistakes in getting the "right" talent via the draft.
This team has always built with the draft. But it only works when you draft well.

We have always avoided a lot of big splash free agent moves but when you miss in the draft you have to adjust.

It is hard to judge the coaching philosophy when the talent is weak.

Nevertheless, to the extent that Tomlin has responsibility for selecting the talent he does bear accountability.