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Again, this. [URL]http://m.nbcsports.com/content/kacsmar-dont-believe-hype-steelers-d[/URL]

Not saying it's the only problem but this D is NOT 2008. And even that year it had trouble keeping leads.

Lemming keeps talking about #1 passing defenses. I don't give a rats ass if they cannot hold a lead in the 4th Q or create ANY turnovers.

This current Steelers team has issues all around. Plenty of blame to go around. As good as the defenses have been statisically (can't complain about that) that just doesn't win games. And I am tired of making sure I have a full pitcher of beer in the 4th Q when we miraculously have lead and we lose it.

Last I checked, it's the offense that's supposed to score points when they get the ball. Don't care about yardage defense, but the fact is since 2007 the Steelers defense has been ranked 6th or better in scoring defense except once. I wouldn't say the offense has done it's part in the same timeframe.