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Thread: If you were the coaches right now?

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    If you were the coaches right now?

    If everyone has vented enough....

    What is our best options to be ready for Monday nights game?
    What moves should we make?
    Game plan?

    I personally think since we cannot run we should focus on our strengths. Ben is a good passer so maximize him.
    They need to look at the other teams that can put points on the board when under pressure and heck run those plays...
    Do something different....

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    I would fire myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flippy View Post
    I would fire myself.
    I would prep my resume and then fire myself.

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    On a serious level... I would do the opposite of what Tomlin has been doing.

    1) WJ should have seen playing time. He needs to be a in there as a FB and TE option. He played ST an not on offense! Huh!
    2) Felix Jones should get the start
    3) Sign Dwyer
    4) Sign Starks and get rid of Whimper
    5) Add Wheaton to the WR mix. If nothing else, it'll back up the safeties.
    6) Develop some plays to get Ben in a rhythm like you would with a rookie QB.
    7) Start Vince Williams at ILB (He'll likely start Kion Wilson)

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    Dwyer got signed, Coach has read the suggestions on the board! (Although, wasn't there some talk that Dwyer was fired despite the coach's objections?).

    I'm guessing Felix didn't play because he hadn't learned the playbook yet? Can't think of any other reason why he wouldn't be on the field.

    Might agree with Starks, now that Pouncey is gone. Not so much before - if they were trying to run plays that required more mobile OL, Starks was not the guy. But now, it's survival mode.

    Rebuilding season ... goal is to keep Ben from having a career-ending injury while we do.

    We got our "6-PACK" - time to work on a CASE!


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    Fire Haley and if not fire himself.

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    In no particular order:

    - Find a solution at center - either the new guy or bringing back Malecki, and put Beachum back as the extra TE. Ben had time on the first deep ball to Sanders, which Sanders couldn't handle.

    - Use Cotchery out of the backfield a bit more in passing situations

    - Mix Wheaton into the game, whether through 4 WR sets or otherwise

    - Tell Haley that he is fired if he ever trots out the formation with a single back and 3 TEs on one side of the line

    - Use the backs effectively - Jones outside, Redman on inside runs with the FB, and Dwyer probably as the primary ballcarrier

    - Find a way to punish anybody on special teams who holds during a return. The boneheaded penalties on STs are killing the Steelers.

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    Here is what you do. You know how you win with a rookie QB? Thats how they will have to play. Ben cant be Ben behind this line. You stress all week that he has to get rid of ball, one read then throw. Play ball control, simplify the whole gameplan. NO TURNOVERS. That and hope the refs call it consistant for both sides.

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    Can't use Ben. He needs to be put in his place.

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    trade Ben.. let him finish his career on a team that respects an elite QB's talent.

    seriously... I go to Ben and ask him what he wants.


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