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Thread: Shaun Suisham injured out a few weeks.

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    Shaun Suisham injured out a few weeks.

    @MikeGarafolo 49m
    Steelers K Shaun Suisham's hamstring injury could keep him out a few weeks. Veteran Shayne Graham a possibility to replace him

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    Ugh. With all of the other injuries, I would hate to see the Steelers have to waste a spot on a second kicker.

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    I was wondering why his extra point barely made it over the upright.

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    Plus hamstrings can be a nagging type of injury.

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    This is just great. Sushi might honestly be the best player on this team. If we cant kick field goals accurately then I honestly dont see how we score this year.

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    Kickers are interchangable. Hopefully Tomlin does what Cowher did. Dont look at retreads like Graham- go find a bunch of young guys- bring them in and make them kick for the job. Then when the winner starts beating up rest rooms- get another


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