Gotta love the return of the masked keyboard warriors.

I'm afraid anyone that feels the need to justify their opinion by telling us what their father achieved in order to 'prove their point' (if there even was one) is rediculous. Anyone, of course, can make unfounded claims & say they are fact. Did you guys know that my father was preisdent of the USA back in the day? No? Well, he was, and I know more about the USA than you guys do as a result...

This docholidayhasasmallpenis guy sounds pretty much like that Cedric Wilson's cousin idiot that wanted to meet board members & beat them up because.... hell, was there a reason? Probably not. Wanna make a bet? wanna? Huh?? Put your money where your mouth is blah, freakin blah.

If swearing & namecalling was allowed in here, I'd call you a fu... ckwit. But I can't call you that in here, so I won't. I'll call you an infintile moron with daddy issues who lives off past glories like people give a damn. Or maybe, more to the point, I'll call you a liar. Because quite frankly, if someone's father was an OL coach for the Steelers, and they themselves then played for NC State, I'm sure that person could be validated with a bit of reseach. And if someone played for NC State, and their father did coach the OL for the Steelers, chances are they wouldn't feel the need to bring it up in order to prove their opinion has more weight than others.

You're a tool. And my experience - I've been a boardmember for a long time, as was my daddy & his daddy before him- teaches me that you have a short term stay on this site in front of you.