I really hate coming to this board after a Steelers loss. It's always the end of the world after 1 loss and year after year we are always either in the playoffs or just 1 game away from being in the playoffs and it makes the complainers look foolish IMO. I dont see this year being any different even after what could of been the worst game i've seen a Steelers offense play in my young 42 years of life.

Despite that we need to relax and here is why:

1. We are tied for 1st place in the divison.
2. Defense played great despite the injuries during the game. Jones and Thomas made some plays and even big #90 was in the backfield alot and was even held a few times without getting the calls.
3. Heathhhhhhhhhhhhh - Our team is a lot different with a Heath Miller.
4. Best runner in preseason was let go. Our 2nd best FELIX didnt even touch the ball yesterday which is a sign that he doesnt know the playbook just yet.
5. Will Johnson - These past 2 weeks how many of us talked about how Haley was going to finally utilize the FB more? Was that possible yesterday? NO because of injury.
6. Adding a 6th OL as our TE for extra blocking and without having a FB that would of been pretty smart and I bet they spent a considerable amount of time in practice this week running those formation sets. Could that happen? NO why? Pouncey got hurt fast and our secret TE became Center. What adjustment do you make to that? Put Whimper in at TE? Seriously.

This team has nowhere to go but up. Many of you are wondering about the half time adjustments and blah blah blah but I ask what exactly should they have done? Redman put the ball on the ground 2 times, Howling gets hurt, No Pouney, No extra TE, No FB. What could they really do? Only thing they could really do is EXACTLY what they did and the Titans had them in a trap.

Felix and Bell will improve the running game and Redman will be used in 3rd down packages or in the redzone.

We are going to be ok! Dont hit the panic button just yet Steeler Nation. Every team in the NORTH had issues this week and I'd much rather start the year RUSTY then to end it FLAT. Nowhere to go but UP!!!!!!!!!!! Mike Wallace had how many catches yesterday? Tom Brady fumbled on the 1 yard line, Giants had 6 turnovers, Lacy turned the ball over, etc etc.

Ugly Game: YES

End of the world: NO