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Thread: OK, Shifting Gears: Moving forward, what can we do this year. For the next game even?

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    Quote Originally Posted by papillon View Post
    I'm not sure Wheaton should go from #4 to #1 either, but it appears to me that there is an abundance of complacency and a lack of urgency on this team. I'm not sure how to change that, but sometimes a young hungry player can add a level of energy that complacent vets can't provide.

    I do think that Cotch should jump up to #2. I think he has more desire than Sanders, which is sad. Wheaton does need to see the field, but I don't think he's the savior.

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    I've never seen what they like in Manny. Too many mistakes, lapses in concentration, etc.

    Brown, Cotch, Wheaton as #3, 1 TE, RB.

    Move Ben around, enough with 2-3 TE crap.

    If Wheaton isn't ready? That's on Haley, no one else.

    Wallace was ready for Arians in 2009. Nate Washington caught passes in the playoffs for Whiz in 2005. Randle El was the #3 in 2002 for Mularkey. Holmes was the #3 in 2006.


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